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The Exhausted Caregiver

When caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, it’s not uncommon for the caregiver to battle lack of sleep and exhaustion. Psychologists define the exhausted caregiver as a recognized medical condition  known as a “debilitating psychological condition brought about by unrelieved stress”. As a caregiver you may suffer from both emotional and mental exhaustion. Signs of […]

Getting more forgetful????

Everyone forgets occasionally but memory loss is nothing to take lightly. Consider some steps to sharpen your memory: -Stay mentally active- crossword puzzles, play a musical instrument,take a new route home from a friends house. -Socialize regularly. It helps ward off stress and depression. -Get organized- Clutter is not your friend. Limit distractions and do […]

Regain energy, hope and optimism–you deserve it….

We’ve all heard –you can’t drink from an empty cup,right?? There is nothing in the world more difficult than being a caregiver;especially if you feel like you are in over your head. Conversely the rewards are extraordinary…. If you find yourself feeling hopeless and helpless, have trouble relaxing or your entire life revolves around care […]

Safe Travel Tips for your Loved One with Memory Loss

TRAVEL SAFETY You don’t have to stop traveling just because your loved one has dementia. It just requires careful planning to ensure safety, comfort and enjoyment for everyone. Before you travel, be sure to enroll your loved one in the Alzheimer’s Safe Return Program, a national registry that can help if your loved one wanders […]

The MIND Diet: What is it?

     Let’s think about this: your brain is constantly working. It takes care of your thoughts, your movements, your breathing, even your heartbeat. It works hard. It works 24 hours a day- even when you’re sleeping! This means that your brain needs a constant supply of fuel. This “fuel” comes from the foods you eat, […]