"For Us, It's Personal."

Local Family Owned And Operated Residential Care Facility for Alzheimer’s & Dementia

We value the uniqueness of each resident, celebrate their individual abilities, and foster personal dignity through every stage.


Long Term Care


Adult Day Services

Short Term Care

Short Term Care

Dementia Family Coaching

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care from our Family to Yours

Kemper House offers supportive assistance in a warm, residential setting, fostering a family atmosphere. Residents enjoy the companionship, security, and compassionate care needed to live comfortably. Our activities and programs are more than just scheduled events and include meaningful tasks and engaging interactions throughout the day. Family members are valuable assets in planning the personalized services you expect from Kemper House.

We continue to progress our methods, approach, and attitudes concerning the care for memory-impaired individuals. Our team is continuously trained in industry best practices; and yet, we find that our best teachers are our residents.

Kemper House Care Options

Long Term Care

Kemper House cares for all stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Minimal to complete and total care is offered, including end of life and hospice care.

Kemper House is a secured residence for persons with all stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. It is a wonderful alternative to nursing home care for individuals living with memory loss. Our team is continuously trained in industry best practices; and yet, we find that our best teachers are our residents.

Adult Day Service

A great option for primary caregivers to work or just take a break. Flexible hours are offered to support your family’s unique needs

  • Life enrichment, recreational and social programs in a secure environment
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Assistance with all levels of care, including meals, toileting and ambulating
  • Resting accommodations
  • Nurses and caregivers on duty
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

Short Term Respite Care

Going on vacation? In need of a break? Kemper House will provide assistance for your loved one while you are away. During a respite stay, individuals enjoy all the benefits available to our long term residents, including personalized, around-the-clock care and activities.

  • A chance to spend time with friends and family, or to just relax
  • Time to run errands such as shopping, exercising, getting a haircut or going to the doctor’s office
  • Comfort and peace of mind knowing your loved one is cared for in a safe environment

Dementia Family Coaching

When a family member or loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia, it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate a path forward. A family Coach from Kemper Cognitive Wellness provides caregiver and family education, counseling and support to help families plan for the future, while living successfully in the present.

The Kemper Difference

Our family has been personally affected by Alzheimer’s for generations. Our experience has proven that a singular focus on memory care is immensely beneficial to people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. At Kemper House, we don’t just say it, we do it and we live it!

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Linda CainLinda Cain
15:46 10 Jan 23
My mom was at Kemper House for only 1 month before she passed away. The staff there was so kind and caring. I could not have asked for a more understanding and wonderful staff to care for my mom in her final days.
Regina ClineRegina Cline
23:47 22 Nov 22
My dad was at Kemper for one month before he died. My mom was there with him and she stayed at Kemper until she died in about two years. In my opinion,this is a high quality of care facility
Marc GreenwaldMarc Greenwald
17:34 23 Mar 22
We found Kemper House for Mom two years ago when assisted living became too difficult for her. Was it our choice to move her to Kemper House? We had to acknowledge her dementia. Are we happy that she is at Kemper? We could not be more certain that she has landed in the right place. We are happy with the living accommodations , daily activities, medical care and careful dietary choices. Best of all is a staff who cares and keeps us informed! We highly recommend Kemper House as a home for your loved ones who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease.
Susan ScrutonSusan Scruton
21:03 14 Dec 21
The staff goes above and beyond for each resident. They are all attentive to the needs of each individual. I am so glad they are available for excellent care for those in need.
Carl KuklicaCarl Kuklica
13:14 03 Dec 21
We have a friend who is a resident at Kemper House and we have had several family members who have lived there in the past. The staff is always friendly and caring and they keep the residents engaged and happy. We have always appreciated the loving care that has been shown to our family and friends.
greg ihnatgreg ihnat
17:19 02 Dec 21
I have had 3 family members that have lived at Kemper House over the years, we had a very good experience and the Kemper Family does seem to really care and go above and beyond to make sure the residents are well cared for. They understand the unique needs that dementia and Alzheimer's disease present and handle it well.
Rebecca GrasserRebecca Grasser
13:39 02 Nov 21
Was very pleased with the staff while my mom resided here for almost two years. I have since volunteered, and now on staff. My heart is and has been to help others on their journey.
Vicki ButlerVicki Butler
17:59 21 Oct 21
Kemper House is truly unique in their approach to residents with memory difficulties. They believe in enriching their lives through activities, music, exercise, and social interactions. My mom has been receiving excellent care there for the past 2.5 years.
Chera IhnatChera Ihnat
15:12 16 Apr 19
Great place! The Kemper Family has such high standards of care, its hard to find a better place than this for a loved one with dementia! I had a family member here and have worked here for 16 years!

kemper-house Strongsville

Kemper House Strongsville

10890 Prospect Road
Strongsville, OH 44149

(440) 846-1100
(440) 846-1113 fax

tracey hayburntracey hayburn
12:56 19 May 24
Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for Kemper House and their staff. They truly care about residents and their families. While mom was a resident there, she was safe, well taken care of and engaged with many wonderful activities and outings. They provided peace of mind for our family during a difficult time. It takes special people to care for a person that suffers from dementia /Alzheimer’s and the caregivers and staff at Kemper House are compassionate and understanding of the disease. I would recommend Kemper to anyone seeking memory care.
Denise KowalczykDenise Kowalczyk
02:55 04 Mar 24
Kemper is a very family oriented atmosphere! Every one looks out for each resident and each other! I know my family member will be loved and cared for here !! Thanks for everything you guys all do ! ♥️♥️
Julia GeeJulia Gee
20:45 18 Feb 24
Kemper House staff and its Owner genuinely cares about their residents. My family’s personal experience has been one of comfort, care, community, safety and love. The Owner visited our mom in the hospital recently, despite the fact that mom had been admitted for RSV and may have been contagious. It is also very clear to our family that the aides truly care and get to know the residents. Thank you, Kemper House. You have turned this difficult time into a positve journey for all.
Gab DelGab Del
15:59 09 Jan 24
My loved one was at Kemper for about a year and half. Kathy is very nice in the beginning but the minute you have a problem she was no help at all. They were having issues with scabies and would not answer my questions. And don’t expect any help once your money runs out.
Hookher4 JesusHookher4 Jesus
02:59 14 Oct 23
If I could leave a negative review I would. Infestations of mice, as well as scabies. Nurses who demean and do not appreciate staff. There is no safe patient to caregiver ration, and don’t get me started on what it’s like on third shift. I’m sure the families would love to know that overnight for an entire building there was only one caregiver, how is that quality care? Especially considering the price these families pay. They hire staff with zero experience to pay them the absolute bare minimum, work them until they quit, and then complain when they do. The problem is bad management, no consistency or communication, and zero back bone from upper management. If you want to make it a better place get rid of the bad employees and keep the ones who actually care. In terms of the multiple illnesses and disgusting things that happen there, the scabies infestation happened months before any caregivers or family was contacted that’s saying if they even did and it was dismissed because nurses were too lazy to do skin checks, people have fallen and broken bones and have waited days without any type of medical intervention, and are neglected constantly. Do the best thing for your family and don’t admit them here, they market themselves as premium and fancy dementia care when they are nothing but unqualified and inexperienced, the management team should be embarrassed to say they are proud to be ”kemper house heroes” or caregivers.
randy albrightrandy albright
19:13 04 Feb 23
I can't say enough about the care given to the residents at this home-like facility! Kemper House and its employees are the best. They have integrity, honesty and genuine compassion for the folks in their care. They addressed, in a timely manner, any concerns we had for our loved one. Having to also deal with all the COVID issues at the same was very stressful, but, we were somewhat comforted knowing the staff was caring for our father in the same lovingkindness as we would have. If a long term, dementia care facility becomes one of your options, you would be wise to research Kemper House. This will be your choice in the end. Thank you so much to these wonderful folks who have become friends to our family.
Virginia PerkinsVirginia Perkins
16:29 08 Dec 22
Today my dad, Denver Lovejoy, passed away at Kemper. He’s been a resident almost 5 years. The staff at Kemper in Strongsville have loved on both dad and my mom. They gave him a life and an extended family. He bowled at age 91 for the first time in his life. He called out Bingo numbers. He shucked corn and felt needed. He loved his bus rides and those donuts. It took stress off my mom to know how well he was cared for. Thank you Kemper House!!
Jan WJan W
23:33 13 Jul 22
My loved one has been at Kemper House for over a year. I have been very, very pleased with the attention/care he has received. I also appreciate the staffs' good communication with me, especially if he seems unwell. Sometimes my loved tells me that staff is kind. At other times, I ask him and he always has positive responses about his care.
Troy HauserTroy Hauser
19:41 29 Jun 22
My husband has been at Kemper House Strongsville for the past year and a half. The compassionate care he gets there is a peace of mind for me. Kathy and the staff are so attentive and provide the most helpful environment for his daily life.The facility is clean, safe and the food is very well prepared with good balanced nutrition in mind.I just returned from a picnic field trip with them and everyone certainly had fun.
A Google User
A Google User
02:06 13 Jun 22
I cannot say enough about Kathy and Kemper House in caring for my sister. Me and my wife own an Assisted Care Home in Southern California and we know if they are doing a excellent job. I take my hat off to Kathy hands on with my sister Marylin and holding her hand so not to be alone in the last hours. She really went the extra mile. If you are looking for the best number one is care and this is the place. 10 +++++++Paul KramerCalifornia
Paul KramerPaul Kramer
02:06 13 Jun 22
I cannot say enough about Kathy and Kemper House in caring for my sister. Me and my wife own an Assisted Care Home in Southern California and we know if they are doing a excellent job. I take my hat off to Kathy hands on with my sister Marylin and holding her hand so not to be alone in the last hours. She really went the extra mile. If you are looking for the best number one is care and this is the place. 10 +++++++Paul KramerCalifornia
Laura SwartzLaura Swartz
14:50 25 May 22
Kemper House, Ohio is hands down, the gold standard of Senior Care in the country. It is family run, and the management and staff truly care about making each day the best day for its residents. There are 2 facilities, and management is hands on and visible to the residents, the staff and the families. It is clean, smells great and decorated so homey. Residents thrive in an environment with daily enrichment, like tending to the chickens or helping in the kitchen. Since we live far away, we only visit once a year, but are greeted by name and assisted in anything we need. Kathy Busch, who owns and runs it, is a phenom. The regular Facebook photos and updates are so appreciated. Our family members has been there for 5 years, and observe how difficult the residents can be. No matter, the staff is well trained and, while doing their days work, hug them and distract them from their worries. We have parents living in CA in a different "well -regarded" senior residence, and the difference in experience is staggering.
My father lived at Kemper House for approximately 9 months. Our family was quite impressed by the quality of care, compassion of the staff, and their willingness to go above and beyond. The activities and engagement with residents exceeded our expectations. The facility was always clean, and the food (made from scratch) was healthy and tasted great. We were relieved that Kemper confidently wanted My dad to live there as long as possible. When his conditioned worsened after a hospital stay we were able to bring him back to Kemper with hospice care in place. In our time of great need, Kemper House was there for us. We will forever be grateful for KH, and only wish we would have gotten him there sooner.
carol maslercarol masler
02:29 06 Dec 21
My brother-in-law was at Kemper House for over 2 years. During that time l saw compassion from every single employee, whether it be nurses, caregivers, administration, maintenance staff or life enrichment. They learned about his hobbies and likes and incorporated these in his daily care. The maintenance staff took a special liking to him (he was an engineer) and asked him to join them as they did routine tasks, this was huge and gave him purpose. Kemper House works closely with the families to make sure all their concerns for their loved ones are met. It takes a very special person to love and care for people with dementia, Kemper House has found them and have trained them in all ways on how to care for the residents. Kemper House is unique in it’s extraordinary care of all their residents.
Margaret HatalaMargaret Hatala
00:49 06 Dec 21
My husband was a resident at Kemper House Strongsville for 2 1/2 years. As expected, the facility was clean, the food was healthy and delicious, the rooms have a homelike atmosphere and the staff is kind, compassionate, attentive and always available.Kemper House is special and unique in their care of people who suffer with the many types of dementia. Every minute of everyday the management, nurses, caregivers, life enrichment, food service, laundry and maintenance staff emphasize highly individualized, person-centered care. Their philosophy of care is built around the needs of the individual "resident-focused" is the core with love at the center surrounded by comfort, self-esteem, identity, respect and dignity. My husband's feelings were always validated and he had a sense of community. His quality of life and quality of care was extraordinary.
Roderic KeeleyRoderic Keeley
21:25 03 Dec 21
Kemper House Strongsville is a family-oriented and caring place - well-led by the Kemper family and supportive of the tough journey of life impacted by dementia and memory loss. The leadership/administration truly care about the family and residents receive compassionate care. Cleanliness is never a concern.
Wendy RogersWendy Rogers
21:23 03 Dec 21
Placing my dad at Kemper House was an extremely hard decision, but it was also our best decision. The staff is absolutely incredible. They truly care, not only for the residents, but also for the families. Each time they walk through those doors … they love, they care and they bring smiles. Kemper House was able to give my mom peace of mind that my dad is always cared for … giving that peace of mind to her and caring so deeply for my dad ~ is priceless.
Becky BialoskyBecky Bialosky
19:49 03 Dec 21
Both of my parents spent some time at Kemper House. It was so reassuring that they were not only well taken care of but treated with the utmost respect. Every staff member we ever came in contact with was very kind and sensitive to our needs. I am thankful that my parents were at such a place that gave more of a feel of being home than at some facility. I would HIGHLY recommend Kemper House if your parent is suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer's. I cannot say enough great things about Kemper House!

Why Kemper House?

Every time my family visits each week for their porch visit mom looks FABULOUS! You and your whole organization really understand what to do with the residents and I have seen an amazing change. You are a blessing to our family...

Denny K

Thank you also for the very touching and beautiful memorial service and luncheon honoring Mom and Dad. It meant a lot to us to have all of you share your remembrances of them. We miss our parents so much...

Marianne & family