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For nearly 25 years, Kemper House residential care facilities have been providing assisted living services to families across the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area. Residents throughout the region consider themselves fortunate to have two assisted living facilities nearby - one in Highland Heights and one in Strongsville. The sole purpose for Kemper House assisted living facilities is to provide outstanding dementia care and other accommodations in a residential, home-like setting. At Kemper House, we provide nursing care, social activities, prepared meals, and housekeeping services. Because the Kemper family has personally faced the challenges caused by Alzheimer's, they know firsthand the many challenges of caring for a loved one and help families face those challenges. When our Mayfield neighbors are actively searching for the most suitable assisted living facility for their family member, Kemper House is the solution.

Assisted Living Facility Mayfield

Mayfield has more than 3,000 residents and is in Cuyahoga County. Our Highland Heights facility is less than four miles northwest of Mayfield at 407 Golfview Lane. Our Strongsville facility is southwest of Mayfield at 10890 Prospect Road in Strongsville. When Mayfield residents are seeking assisted living options for their family members, they can count on the staff at Kemper House. In addition, we have short-term respite care available for those caregivers who require assisted living services for a short period of time. Kemper House also has Adult Day Care services available as a helpful option. The prospect of having dependable, compassionate, and experienced care available is most comforting to both residents and their families.

Assisted Living Facilities Mayfield

For more information about our outstanding assisted living services or to tour an assisted living facility, call Kemper House, your regional residential care facility for Alzheimer's and Dementia Care, at (440) 846-1100 in Strongsville or (440) 461-0600 in Highland Heights. Until there's a cure, there's Kemper House.

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